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In January 2020, the FuturePMO team introduced you to our PMO Superhero quiz, giving you a way to identify your PMO superpower and who your Superhero spirit is.  

Every superpower brings something important to a PMO. Now that you know what yours is likely to be, we can provide some insight into how to harness that power for PMO good. 

If you haven’t already completed our quiz, you can do so at the bottom – don’t worry, we wont ask for any of your details! 

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The Captain Hero PMO Superpower

You are loyal to the vision, mission, values of your PMO and bring positive leadership skills to ensure that teamwork is centre stage

The Captain America Superhero has very strong leadership skills and uses that to drive teams to collaborate for every mission to succeed.

The vision, mission, and values of a team are extremely important to Captain America PMO Superheroes and this can be seen through the loyalty that they instil in their teams, and demonstrate themselves through the superhuman strength that they have in times of adversity. Captain America PMO Superheroes will continue to fight for the good of the PMO.

The Captain America Superhero is likely to be focused on the impact of any actions undertaken by the PMO, and takes it seriously when actions lead to negative consequences for the team or its Customers.

If you (are the, or) have a Captain America Superhero within the team, there are some important characteristics that you need to be aware of:

  • Captain America superheroes are highly adapted to understand how team members are feeling and tries to bring the best out of everyone they work with, which can be a great asset to drive the development of the PMO
  • Your Captain America superhero is naturally positive in nature which helps when times are tough for the PMO, but can sometimes be perceived by others as insensitive to the situation so it is important to monitor and work with your Captain America superhero to ensure the messages are balanced
  • Captain America superheroes have super strength and can continue working through adversity, which is a great asset to have, but can sometimes mean that your Captain America can appear blinded to reality; make sure that they are aware of the situation at all times
  • Your Captain America superhero will be very enthusiastic about your PMO vision, mission, and values and they will live them to the letter which can be very grounding for other members of the team who are easily distracted
  • Captain America’s leadership skills are legendary and will bring people along on the journey without them being conscious of it, use this unique skillset to ‘sell’ the PMO into the organisation and let your Captain America do their thing

“Leaders who take time to view challenges through the lens of team members can help foster stronger collaboration and reduce conflicts.”

PMI Pulse of the Profession 2020

As our FuturePMO theme for 2020 is PMO Superheroes, we have devised a quiz for you to find out which Superhero (there are 16 possible results) you most relate to in the workplace. play the quiz below, share your result with us by using the hashtag FuturePMO, and then check back to see upcoming articles on how your Superhero spirit supports your PMO to be the best!

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