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In January 2020, the FuturePMO team introduced you to our PMO Superhero quiz, giving you a way to identify your PMO superpower and who your Superhero spirit is.  

Every superpower brings something important to a PMO. Now that you know what yours is likely to be, we can provide some insight into how to harness that power for PMO good. 

If you haven’t already completed our quiz, you can do so at the bottom – don’t worry, we wont ask for any of your details! 

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The Hulk PMO Superpower

Although at times emotional, you have the muscle to get things done and your brawn in times of chaos helps motivate the team to deliver.

The Hulk Superhero is very in touch with their emotions and can bring strength and power to get PMO services over the line. 

Motivation is the key to ensure that PMO teams are focused on doing the right things in the right way. In a world where our organisations are more complex than they have ever been, working across virtual and global landscapes, it is more important than ever to have PMO teams who are able to motivate others whilst empathising with the human part of every situation. 

The Hulk PMO Superhero in your team is likely to have their eye on how they and others around them are feeling about the changes that you are trying to implement. Once a goal is set they will focus on the goal as if it was their own until it is achieved, they are highly motivated to deliver, with a close eye on the impact that PMO Customers may feel. 

If you (are/or) have a Hulk PMO Superhero within your team, there are some important characteristics that you need to be aware of: 

  • Hulk superheroes come with highly adapted feeling and sensing powers; this type of person is likely to be very responsive to how team members are feeling so they will sometimes make decisions based on the impact to others 
  • Hulk superhero powers come with a strong drive for self-reflection; this type of person is great at looking after the fact for lessons, trends, and triggers that they can learn from for the future and can really support PMO continuous improvement 
  • If your Hulk superhero is having a bad day you may find them to be (more) emotional than usual and require a safe space to get any frustrations out of their system; if this doesn’t happen, you Hulk can appear quite unapproachable and is likely to make snap decisions 
  • Hulk superpowers are very loyal to a cause and will consider the greater good even if it requires self-sacrifice, this level of self-awareness is a great strength to have in your PMO team as it can pre-empt and avoid unfavourable situations 
  • Your Hulk PMO superhero is very creative and likes to analyse data before committing to big changes, make sure that your Hulk is provided with the right amount of information so that they can support the development of new and innovative solutions   

“One of the things that is really becoming apparent worldwide is the importance of people skills – interpersonal proficiency.”

PMI Pulse of the Profession, 2020

As our FuturePMO theme for 2020 is PMO Superheroes, we have devised a quiz for you to find out which Superhero (there are 16 possible results) you most relate to in the workplace. play the quiz below, share your result with us by using the hashtag FuturePMO, and then check back to see upcoming articles on how your Superhero spirit supports your PMO to be the best!

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