FuturePMO 2021 - Supercharge Your PMO

Due to the tragic impact of Covid-19, we took the decision earlier this year to cancel our FuturePMO 2020 event and replace it with a week-long learning event for PMO and PPM practitioners. 

Following this event, we launched the date, time, location, and theme for our 2021 FuturePMO event: 

Considering the weird times we are in, you may think we are a bit crazy to commit to a face to face event, however, we wanted to share with you why we have opened our super early bird offer now instead of waiting for the beginning of 2021 and explain how you can benefit from it. 

FuturePMO prices are banded, so the closer we get to the event the more expensive it is to attend. This is a relatively common approach for conferences as it allows for those planners in the audience to get in early, and it helps Wellingtone to ensure we are planning our surprises for the right amount of people. 

This year it may seem a little strange to be considering booking tickets for an event next year; who knows what will happen? However, we wanted to put your mind at rest, and explain why it is in fact, a great idea! 

  • It takes time to get funding for conferences so best to start now and get your company the best possible deal on you attending an event, that will ultimately benefit your PMO Customers. We are leaving the super early bird offer open until the end of the year, so you should have time to get your business case approved! 
  • If you buy early you are secure in your place and do not have to worry about the last-minute panic buying and potentially the event being sold out – which does happen! In 2019 we had more than 30 people on the waitlist just in case others dropped out, and our cancellation and no-show rate are incredibly low. 
  • If the worst were to happen and covid-19 is still causing concern during mid-2021, dealing with Wellingtone is not like dealing with a company that insists on ‘store credit’. We believe that our lives are busy enough without adding drama, so we make it very easy with three options for you: 

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Do you have questions? Here are some answers that may help.

What happens if the course I want to go on is cheaper than my ticket? 

Just like we want to make life easy for you, we make it easy for us. Your ticket gets you into whatever course, no partial refunds allowed. Our tip is to go to one of the more expensive courses! 

Can I really attend a course that is more expensive than the ticket value? 

Yes, you really can. We appreciate the faith and belief you have for what FuturePMO is all about so if attending a meatier course is going to help your PMO journey then we are happy to support it. 

Is there a catch? 

The only catch is that the course you attend needs to be part of our FuturePMO Academy Learning Week. Your FuturePMO ticket is not eligible for any courses at any other time of the year. 

What if I am abroad and want to buy a ticket? 

During our 2020 event, we hosted people from 25 different countries. You can still buy your ticket with the early bird but consider your visa requirements (you may need to begin that process first). If you buy your ticket and we cancel, our FuturePMO Academy Learning Week is fully virtual so transferring to a course is no problem. 

Can I just change my mind and transfer my ticket to a course? 

No, we will only be holding an official FuturePMO Academy Learning Week if we must cancel the conference, so there won’t be an opportunity for you to transfer your ticket. 

If you cancel when will the FuturePMO Academy Learning Week be? 

If we cancel, we strive to make the Academy Week the same as when the FuturePMO conference was scheduled to take place. For 2021 this would be the week commencing 11th October. 

What happened with tickets for the 2020 conference? 

We offered the exact same options and though most of our ticket holders have chosen to carry over their ticket to the next event as they feel that it’s a memorable event and want to wait, a number of people decided to transfer their ticket to attend our APM Accredited PMO Practitioner or Assurance Practitioner courses; which are nearly double the price of the conference ticket. 

Can I get access to the FuturePMO Academy Learning Week content? 

Yes, again we try to keep things simple, all the webinars and events we received permission to share, you can access for free on our website.

Is the Wellingtone PMO Academy Week different to a FuturePMO week? 

Yes, the FuturePMO Academy Learning Week is designed to replace the conference. Our Wellingtone PMO Academy Week is a separate event that we may run (covid-19 depending) to provide a space for people to learn at other times of the year. 

As always, Wellingtone strives to honour our belief that we are #HumanFirst, PPM and PMO Professionals second. To that effect, if there is not a need to make things more complicated or difficult than they need to be, then we simply do not. 

We are proud that FuturePMO remains a no sales event. We do not sell space to exhibitors as our focus is bringing people together to Learn, Share and Grow. In 2021 we promise some amazing speakers, learning sessions, and networking that will help you to turbocharge your PMO! 

We hope to see you there.