Iron Man

In January 2020, the FuturePMO team introduced you to our PMO Superhero quiz, giving you a way to identify your PMO superpower and who your Superhero spirit is.  

Every superpower brings something important to a PMO. Now that you know what yours is likely to be, we can provide some insight into how to harness that power for PMO good. 

If you haven’t already completed our quiz, you can do so at the bottom of the page– don’t worry, we wont ask for any of your details! 

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The Iron Man PMO Superhero is famous for their creativity and ingenuity with technology.  

Technology is more important than ever in developing PMO teams that are fit and ready for the future of the work economy. In a world where data is more valuable than gold, the ability to design and create user-friendly solutions and services is an important superpower that every PMO team should have. 

The Iron Man PMO Superhero in your team is likely to have a laser-like focus on protecting the core of what the team are trying to achieve; whilst ensuring that your core services are never compromised no matter what the environment throws at you. 

If you have an Iron Man PMO Superhero working within your team, there are some important characteristics that you need to be aware of: 

  • Iron Man superhero powers come with keen analytical skills; this type of person is unlikely to make important decisions quickly without analysing data and trial and error, so make sure that you provide them with lots of information to help develop the best solutions and services for your PMO 
  • Iron Man superhero powers can come packaged with an ego because of the high success rate they tend to achieve in everything they do, so make sure that you listen to your Iron Man so that they feel part of the decisionmaking process 
  • If your Iron Man superhero is having a bad day, they can appear unapproachable and unwilling to discuss options other than those prescribed by logic; give them a little space on these days and communicate wisely to let them know you are there in a supportive capacity 
  • Iron Man superhero powers include a keen sense of justice and protection which means it can be difficult for your Iron Man to change direction; they will strive to protect the core of the PMO services, principles, and values at almost any cost so be thoughtful when approaching the topic of internal change 
  • Iron Man superhero powers are rooted in creativity which can sometimes mean that ideas can appear a little unorthodox and in some cases, challenge the norm in an extreme way; you can avoid a Thanos style disaster by not dismissing seemingly crazy ideas straight away; there is usually a solid piece of gold hiding in there too 

As our FuturePMO theme for 2020 is PMO Superheroes, we have devised a quiz for you to find out which Superhero (there are 16 possible results) you most relate to in the workplace. play the quiz below, share your result with us by using the hashtag FuturePMO, and then check back to see upcoming articles on how your Superhero spirit supports your PMO to be the best!

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