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Since 1950, the World Federation for the Protection of Animals has been helping animals all over the world. In 1964 they rescued 10,000 animals from floodwaters in Suriname; and have successfully campaigned to outlaw animal abuse including bear dancing in Greece, turkey and mort of India.

In 2014, they changed their name to the World Animal Protection.

The organisation has 14 offices around the world, including a London international and UK office. Altogether, they employ 400 staff who work across four programmatic areas of animal welfare:

  • Animals in farming
  • Animals in the wild
  • Animals in disasters
  • Animals in communities

Isla Haigh, Programme Operations Manager focuses on delivering the most impactful and efficient service, and she came along to our Project Management Day of Service event:
“Circa five years ago, World Animal Protection were running around 131 projects which only had basic structure from a project management perspective. So, we put some Project Management disciplines in place to get more visibility and consistency such as planning and change control. We now have 20 projects around the world (encompassing various countries) which are better coordinated.

The next step we took was to create a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to monitor and evaluate how the project teams were performing using some standardised indicators. Almost two years later we are reporting quarterly using the BSC alongside some narrative from the team.

I came to PMDoS with challenges around global programme management, we currently have a drive for simplicity, as well as the need to get ideas around performance/impact measurement & communications to support the teams to better understand the need for process and measurement cross-culturally.

I felt that the day was fantastically organised, and I was able to take a step back, reflect, and look at how things can be done differently with a focus externally to the organisational ways of working.

Since returning to the workplace, the organisation is now investing in training to bring the project teams together in terms of creating a Campaign Canvas. I would definitely attend again and bring some other members of staff as a learning experience.”

You can join or support the World Animal Protection by visiting their website.

Project Management Day of Service UK (#PMDoSUK) is going to take place again in December 2018 and May 2019. You can contact Wellingtone if you are a Charity and feel you would benefit from some free consultancy, or a PPM professional who wants to give back.

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