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By Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
Director of Consulting Services, Wellingtone

It’s a real cliché: people can make the world a better place. The problem is most people think that they can’t make enough of a difference.  Most believe that the ability to really influence and shape environments is reserved for kings,  geniuses,  and titans of industry; it is outside the range of possibility. So they don’t try.

To compound that, the Project Management industry is not particularly well known for giving back to society on a regular basis. Sure, organisations individually support charitable causes, but there is rarely a big industry drive to support the small UK non-profit sector.

But at Wellingtone, we believe in Superheroes!

Project Management For ChangeSo, we have partnered with the organisation PM4Change who focus their time to providing pro bono consultancy to those small charities that cannot help themselves.

They told us that many non-profits simply don’t understand the value that project management can have in helping them further their missions, or they have a hard time justifying the cost of having project managers expertly plan and manage their projects to ensure effective execution.

But the third sector is still a community of organisations that face the same “not enough” constraints that we,  as project management professionals,  face every day.

There is never enough time, never enough money, never enough support, never enough of all the things we need to make projects successful. Yet somehow we survive the world of “not enough” and have an impact in our workplace. As project management professionals, we know the “not enough” world all too well, so it makes sense that we are seen as the BEST resources to help our local communities full of those organisations trying to help others in the world of “not enough”.

Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS)® started in 2014 in the Washington, DC area by a group of 40 project managers interested in civic engagement while furthering their beloved profession. Driven by an all-volunteer PMO, the first event brought together 300 volunteers to provide pro bono PM services to 100 local non-profits—a resounding success echoed across the DC area, within the project management community, and was even picked up by the White House blog.

The Project Management Day of Service (PMDoSTM) is guided by a few simple principles:

  1. Provide project management expertise to community organisations that do not understand the project management methodology or may not be able to afford project management consultancy services
  2. Create a global community for project managers to provide pro bono project management services
  3. Promote and elevate the status of the project management profession by clarifying its unique value proposition

During each consultation session at the PMDoSTM event, project management professionals  individually meet with representatives of the participating non-profits to review prepared “problem statements.” Using these problem statements as a springboard, the project management professionals SMEs identify potential roadblocks, develop clearly defined scope statements and create actionable, customised project plans that will serve as blueprints for business sustainability.

The Wellingtone partnership with PM4Change, means we are exclusively able to bring a Project Management Day of Service to the UK. So, we have done just that.

On May 4th, we will help our UK non-profits to feel the force doing some project management good.

Through the power of donations, circa 30 charities will come to London, hosted by our friends at Microsoft, and given support by leading Project Management Practitioners from a wide range of organisations, not just Wellingtone, willing to give up their time for free. These Practitioners will provide consultancy advice across three key areas: Planning & Strategy, Technology, Marketing & Communications.

The Wellingtone Project Management Day of Service UK will bring real change to those organisations that are fighting to make a difference, through practical support from volunteer project management professionals; and put the UK industry on the map as an industry that gives back.

PMDoS Success snapshot:
Black Student Fund, a DC area non-profit that provides financial assistance and support services to African-American students, spent their time at PMDoS 2015 focused on data measurement challenges, which set the foundation for them to build a high-functioning Salesforce database with a team of volunteers/

Project Management Day of Service - PMDOS