PMO New Year Resolutions 2021

2020 was a year of change for PMOs and the year upon us is likely to bring various other challenges that PMO teams need to deal with. In our PMO Trends for 2021 article we discussed some of the trends we expect to see coming to the forefront of PMO minds and now is a great time to do some reflective practice to decide what our PMO resolutions or goals are. 

As Scott Reed (American illustrator, comic book artist and author) said: 

“This one step, choosing a goal and sticking to it, changes everything.”

How to define PMO new year resolutions?

Technically, there are simple ways to ensure that your goals are smart, pure, and clear, but in ambiguous times it can be hard to see anything to grasp and hold onto (both personally and professionally).  

Thanks to our Wellingtone PMO Hive Mind (our PMO Practitioners and Leaders), we know that PMOs have gone through substantial change, and know that their focus will shift towards a future pointed more towards the community, people, development, agility, and efficiency.  

These pointers can help us to consider some goals or resolutions that maybe will help our PMO to focus on something that will remain consistent: 

Community & Learning

We are tribal beings at heart, and we are all craving #HumanFirst interaction and approaches to the way we work and live. With the rise of technology, data, and remote working (and learning) we find ourselves connected ALL the time, but few of us are really connected on a human level. Many organisations have kicked off initiatives to address this, and PMOs can play a huge part. 

Regardless of what challenges 2021 brings, community is going to remain important, so instead of stopping community events and initiatives, why not commit to delivering online events?  

If there is no community of practice in place now, why not commit to beginning to build this infrastructure for your PMO Customers?  

If there is no development path, why not curate opportunities (internal and external) that people can benefit from to improve their skills? 

Like Alice in Wonderland, you may be surprised at what you will uncover 

Agility & Efficiency

during all the interactive webinars we held in 2020, agility and efficiency was without exception included in the response to the “what does the PMO of 2021 look like?”. 

Experiences such as the loss of PMO people through job losses, furloughs, or (sadly) illness, have forced PMOs to cope with less; in amidst growth in frequency of reporting requests from Senior Managers and other PMO Customers. It is not surprising then that PMOs feel they need to be more agile in the future to be able to adapt (again) to the external environment. 

Considering the approach to PPM practices and identifying areas where touchpoints, governance, or documentation can be shaved down to provide a more pragmatic culture will enable PMOs to ensure that the touchpoints are value-adding and beneficial for a successful delivery. 

Does this mean we have to kill out models and methodologies? Absolutely not. Methodologies are designed to be tailored to reality. 

A PRINCE2 project should be tailored to suit the project’s size, environment, complexity, importance, capability and risk


Let us be clear that our reality HAS changed. 

So why not commit to reviewing ways of working, utilising critical thinking to understand what has worked well since the start of 2020, what stopped, what continued, and what new PMO services have been required.  

Taking this knowledge to refine PPM practice for the future will enable your PMO Customers to see that the team is changing with the times and supporting people and the organisation in a more appropriate way. 

Plan Your 2021 PMO Goals

When defining what the future looks like, it can be difficult to see through the chaos of our time. In unprecedented times, PMOs need to change their mindsetinnovate their services, and shift their focus; make sure that your goals and resolutions reflect this. Don’t get stuck in the ‘old ways’, and don’t do this alone. 

If you want to discuss your PMO goals and resolutions for 2021, why not take advantage of our DrPMO Clinic? A free 30 minutes with a consultant to discuss your ideas with another PMO professional, who can help you get clarity, insight, and validation. 

By Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, Wellingtone