Our next instalment in brining the PMO Principles into your PMO planning for 2023 focused on the PMO being an instrument of integration and the importance of the wider community in understanding what the PMO needs to be and deliver.

PMO Principle 2: Instrument of Integration

By being a communicating bridge between strategy planning and strategy execution, PMO teams bring together processes, practices, methods, knowledge, and people from all over the organisation through community, knowledge, and continuous improvement activities. This helps them to enable a systemic and holistic view of the portfolio, ensuring that the various elements of the portfolio are properly coordinated and consistently delivered.

As the rate of change ad disruption continues to grow both within and outside of organisations, it is imperative that PMOs recognise their role in integrating and embedding change into the teams impacted, giving their Customers a consistent experience whenever they are effecting or being affected by change.

Your plan for 2023:

  1. Spend some time getting to know what is and isn’t working in your organisation as change continues be delivered in uncertain times to identify PMO service improvements.
  2. Support the project teams to deliver with clear visions and goals aligned to strategy enabling everyone to see that the portfolio is driving towards the same future as the organisation itself.
  3. Make available sharing opportunities such as lunch (and other) time meet ups to allow experiences to be shared across the community.

Why you should do this:

  • Ensuring that effective teamwork is recognised and shared will bring more focus to the opportunities within the project management discipline and working alongside the PMO.
  • Promotes critical thinking within teams and outside silos, promoting a culture of collaboration and community.
  • It helps to identify areas for continuous improvement that may otherwise go unnoticed or uncommunicated.

How you should do this:

The Wellingtone Academy courses, PMO Practitioner and PMO Leader focus on delivering a PMO that sits at the heart of the project management community. You can see either syllabus https://wellingtone.co.uk/training/pmo-academy/.


In Summary

Throughout this blog series, we will cover the three remaining PMO Principles one at a time, providing the what and the why.

Every PMO has a responsibility to share its unique position in the organisation; with its wide view, through actively bringing together people, processes, knowledge, and experience to improve the project management practice and confidence within teams.

Developing an internal (and external) network will support in the development of high performing teams enabled through a sustainable community infrastructure. To do this PMO teams must focus on developing their interfaces with Customers at all levels of the organisation.

To learn more about Customers, see our previous article https://www.futurepmo.com/pmo-planning-for-2023-be-customer-focused/