Our next instalment in bringing the PMO Principles into your PMO planning for 2023 focused on the PMO being the trusted source of truth for organisational change; something that all PMOs aspire to be.

PMO Principle 5: One Version of the Truth

By acting as an independent, objective and unbiased entity, PMOs provide visibility and transparency to leadership teams, enabling confidence in delivery and informed decision-making.

May PMOs suffer from the condition of not being alone in the reporting world, this means that often they find themselves at odds with other departments who are responsible for providing insight to the leadership (such as finance, IT, and even other PMOs).

Your plan for 2023:

  1. Review your knowledge management practices to ensure that everyone in the organisation uses the same data when protecting value and making informed investment decisions.
  2. Take a pragmatic view of the information being collated to demonstrate project delivery and PMO value to ensure that it is value adding, can be actioned, and provides insights.
  3. Take the time to rationalise your technology now to ensure that the right tools are being utilised for the right job.
  4. Ensure that your information, where possible is not silo’d across lots of systems, teams, and divisions.

Why you should do this:

  • Acting on data residing between functional business support areas can cause confusion, loss of productivity and costly rework.
  • As data repositories become more complex, and often fragmented, accountable decision makers need data that can be relied upon so.
  • The PMO can support effective and informed decision making through the identification of trends and insights that can support future growth.
  • The more refined the method of recording and analysis, the more accurate horizon scanning, and strategic planning will become which will in turn inform the portfolios of the future.
  • Negotiate with other parties who are involved with developing the ‘truth’ and ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, including who will provide insights o what type of data and how the different artefacts are connected.

How you should do this:

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In Summary

Throughout this blog series, we have covered the Wellingtone PMO Principles, bringing them to life in 2023, what needs to be done and most importantly the why so it is possible to articulate the journey.

A future thinking PMO supports the organisation by acting as its conscience when it comes to change. Trust is a real enabler to achieving this, and without it PMOs will struggle to be seen in this way.

To alleviate this, make sure that the PMO builds positive and fruitful relationships, that are authentic.

To learn more about PMOs and becoming the single source of truth, see our previous article https://www.futurepmo.com/pmo-principle-single-source-of-truth/