Our next instalment in bringing the PMO Principles into your PMO planning for 2023 focused on the PMO supporting a learning organisation to deliver strategic objectives for a successful future.

PMO Principle 4: Supporting a Learning Organisation

PMOs facilitate learning. They build on reflective practice and knowledge transfer activities to create individuals and collective opportunities for learning that allows continuous improvement and the ability to evolve the organisation to cope with changing conditions.

With the amount of change that organisations have experienced in recent times, it is more important now than ever to deliver better knowledge management to drive organisational resilience.

Your plan for 2023:

  1. Educate teams on the importance of lessons learned and the wider environment that encompasses knowledge management.
  2. Create opportunities to review and share learned experiences both internally and externally through partners such as Wellingtone.
  3. Create (or review) a robust lessons learned and knowledge management process that enables identification and actioning of learned examples of good and bad.
  4. Commit to the process of reviewing, actioning, and disseminating knowledge gleaned from lessons throughout the organisation.

Why you should do this:

  • It is described as one of the most valuable services that PMOs can provide their Customers, according to Leaders of change and organisations.
  • It helps to maintain focus on continuous improvement of project, programme, and portfolio ways of working by allowing reflective practice to take place and action to be taken.
  • It supports effective and informed decision making through the identification of trends and insights that can support future growth.
  • A simple process that enables different levels of dissemination within the wider organisation enables engagement across all types of teams, according to their level of interest.

How you should do this:

Wellingtone consultants are able to support you in your knowledge management and lessons learned journey to enable creation of an appropriate approach and roadmap for your reality. You can find out more https://wellingtone.co.uk/consultancy/project-methodology-governance/ .


In Summary

Throughout this blog series, we will cover the two remaining PMO Principles one at a time, providing the what and the why.

A successful PMO takes the time and is committed to enabling the organisation to succeed. In order to do that, organisations need to be empowered to make decisions. PMOs can facilitate this process on behalf of the organisation, own the process, and drive the conversation.

To learn more about PMOs and enabling capability, see our previous articles https://wellingtone.co.uk/knowledge-management-process-culture/