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There has been lots of talk recently about the coronavirus and how Leadership should be responding, but not necessarily enough about what is already in place to help us.

When we talk about PMO Principles and Values during the Wellingtone APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course, we take time to understand the importance of this work – and now, more than ever is the time when we can bring this work to life.


Our Wellingtone PMO Principles underpin all PMOs; regardless of maturity, scope, and nature.

Now we can take the opportunity to check in and see if PMOs are bringing these Principles to life or whether we are finding them challenging.

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You can read more about the Wellingtone PMO Principles HERE 


Are often seen as ‘soft and fluffy’ , unnecessary work, but now we should be taking a step back to identify if our values mean something to the team during this time and adjust our behaviour or our values accordingly. 

A great article from Think Productive tackles how organisational values can help to understand if they are focusing on the right things or busy doing work that won’t add value in the long term. 

This article can and should be applied to your PMO Values considering: 

Wellbeing of your team and Customers 

Communication and sharing activities 

Strategy and whether it needs to change 

You as a PMO Leader or Practitioner may need to change your approach to how you are managing and checking in with your team 

Practical PMO Call to Action

Look at each of your PMO values through the lenses above to understand if you are still living those values or if they have faded away.  

Take a paintbrush to your values if you need to. You may find that now is the right time to re-define one or two, or even add something new. 

If you want to find out more about re-defining your values or how the Wellingtone PMO Principles can help your PMO to be ready and strong for the future, get in touch.