In January 2020, the FuturePMO team introduced you to our PMO Superhero quiz, giving you a way to identify your PMO superpower and who your Superhero spirit is.  

Every superpower brings something important to a PMO. Now that you know what yours is likely to be, we can provide some insight into how to harness that power for PMO good. 

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Silver Surfer’s PMO Superpower

You absorb the energy of your surroundings and are able to heal yourself and others to bring harmony to the PMO and its Customers 

The Silver Surfer Superhero has some truly extraordinary abilities that can help to bring harmony to situations using the unique perspective they get from being able to perceive and read more of the environment around them than others.

The brilliance of the Silver Surfer PMO Superhero is in that they bring together several skills from other Superheroes to help balance the world around them; such as the superhuman strength we see in Hulk superheroes and the sixth sense of Spiderman superheroes.

The Silver Surfer superhero is noble and honest, which means that teams happily engage with and work alongside them. People like to be around Silver Surfers. They are masters at building and maintaining good relationships, so will help to ensure that the perception of the PMO is a positive one.

If you (are the, or) have a Silver Surfer Superhero within the team, there are some important characteristics that you need to be aware of:

Silver Surfer superheroes have the ability to absorb the energy of the environment around them and utilise it for their own purposes, manipulating outcomes and results for the good of the team, so ensure that they are involved in big or complex transformations

Nobility sits at the core of the Silver Surfer superhero; a good and honest human being, so they can be affected by extreme negative energy because they always try to do the right thing

It is possible for the Silver Surfer’s heart and mind to be influenced by external forces, if they begin to show unusual behaviours, bring them back to the core of the PMO; its principles and values to centre them

Healing is a key skill of the Silver Surfer, so they can work with an individual and make them feel better about a difficult situation using new perspectives and ideas, this makes them natural mentors and coaches for your PMO Customers

There has been an extraordinary shift from business and a recognition that it is no longer acceptable for businesses just to report on financial impacts, but also environmental social and government impacts.

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