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Posted on 26th June 2017

Ash Sheikh

Ash Sheikh – Robot Says Culture - Future PMO - 12 Sept 2017 - Chelsea FC London

About Speaker:

Ash creates and delivers successful outcomes for the world’s largest enterprise organisations by being relentlessly delivery focused and using a variety of Agile based skills and techniques. He has adapted and created these after encountering many real world challenges across a multitude of industries including Finance, Telecom, Airline, Music and Motor Sport. Ash believes that Change needs to be implemented in a way that the people in the organisation can accept and welcome rather than resist, he is an expert in creating change which is both holistic (creating healthy change) and accepted (so that the change, and investment in the change, sticks).

Ash says: “Underneath all of that, I’m you, I’m just another human making my way around this rock of ours. I believe in helping others overcome the challenges we all face, both organisational challenges and human challenges, I do that by talking and writing. Funnily enough, you can see me talk, right here at this talk!”

You can learn more from Ash and his articles about Organisational and Human challenges here. “Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing it is the first step to humanity” Unknown

Workshop: Why Agile doesn’t mean the Demise of your Future PMO

In this talk, Ash will start by telling his story of how he turned from PMO sceptic to PMO champion within an Agile industry that is questioning the relevance of PMO in the modern day organisation.

Ash will share how he sees PMO being at the heart of the organisation by blending the PMO function with agile, complexity and flow techniques to give you a glimpse of what he sees as the future for PMO.

Ash will also add some tips about how organisations can start to implement some practical ideas and tips to arm delegates with ideas and concepts to both counter the ‘PMO is outdated’ idea which is becoming more and more common, particularly in the Agile community; as well as inspire you for your journey.