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Posted on 3rd May 2017

Mike Webb

Mike Webb - Serco

A retired bomb disposal expert, Mike Webb has spent the last 5 years developing a career with Serco, the global services outsourcing firm, working in roles including Risk Manager, Project Manager and Head of PMO for Serco’s Defence business unit in the UK. The most recent 2 ½ years have been as PMO & Projects Director, a role that saw Mike develop a team in delivering an enabling, integrated and intelligent PMO capability across Serco’s largest Division. On the 1st March, Mike Webb took up the role of Head of Corporate Change at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). In this role he has been tasked with institutionalising professional change management across the organisation. He is now Head of Programme Management Office at Leidos.

Mike’s philosophy on the PMO is that its success or failure can only be judged through what degree it enables the business to achieve its objectives. Beautiful governance for governance sake is useless, the successful PMO is one that is engaging, easy to interact with and perceived as ‘in the tent’. This philosophy saw a disparate group of feral projects pull together to a single portfolio aligned to Serco’s strategy and the growth of a PMO operating model that was well sponsored, core to operational delivery and a value proposition in its own right.

Mike lives in Wiltshire with his wife, three daughters and Jack Russell, Whiskey. He spends his free time avoiding all things PMO.

Enabling PMO’s through Change

It is all too easy to establish a governance process, develop templates and tools for PPM and implement a training regime. So why then do 50% of PMOs fail within 3 years of start up? Mike Webb will talk through his experiences of establishing PMOs and the part that change management has played in building a capability embedded within the psyche of the organisation. How through treating the establishment of a PMO as a change programme in its own right can ensure enduring success for the capability