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Posted on 27th June 2017

Rhys Lancaster

Rhys Lancaster - Tata Communications

About Speaker:
Global Head of Project Management, Tata Communications

Currently heading the Global PMO at Tata Communications – part of the $130Bn Tata Group, and through a career spanning almost 2 decades in telecommunications at companies including AT&T and BT, Rhys has consistently seeked out ways of innovating, taking a different approach, to achieve the “impossible” through his field of passion – Project & Program Management.

Rhys is currently driving organizational change at Tata Communications to automate back end processes & systems, whilst moulding a team of PM experts who can guide Tata’s customers on their own digitalization journeys.

The Workshop:
“PMO 2030” – Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning & Analytics

During this workshop Rhys will present how he is planning to apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Analytics to create the ‘Future PMO’ at Tata Communications, and throw the floor open to the workshop members to generate ideas on how automation may impact our PMOs and wider organisations in future.

Perhaps together we can answer the question ‘With the pace of automation, how can we all remain relevant in future?’. Or maybe we will just speculate on whether flying DeLoreans will exist in 2030 (having been predicted in 2015). Either way, this will be an interesting and interactive workshop.