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Posted on 31st August 2017

Susan Palmer-Trew

About Speaker:
Susie has worked within or for Higher Education Institutions for 11 years, predominantly in project, change and strategy environments. Having recently taking over the leadership of the PMO at the Open University, Susie has championed collaborative and partnered approaches to improving the University’s project and change maturity. This success has recently been reflected in the OUs PMO being listed as a finalist for the APM 2017 award, PMO of the Year. Her personality and ambition drive her role as a catalyst, a game changer striving to achieve potential in both business and people.

Workshop: Do Less. Do it Better.
The Open University, alongside many other HEIs, faces significant challenges in allocating its scarce resources, both in terms of financial resources and the efforts of its staff and our ability to make the best decisions – and the University’s ability to successfully execute those decisions – is critical to achieving our strategic goal. In Autumn 2016, we put the brakes on the volume of change we were trying to achieve as an institution, we were falling short in both our ability to identify the right changes and to deliver them well.

This session will be both reflective and proactive, sharing our transition as a PMO through considerable cultural and procedural change and sharing how our approach is impacting the OU’s capacity and capability to manage, lead and land change in order to deliver the best for our students.