Bianca Ilibasic

Bianca Ilibasic Head of Transformation - Manulife Asia

Speaker Bio

Bianca Ilibasic - Manulife Asia

Manulife Asia – Asia Pacific: PMO Global Award Regional Winner 2018

Bianca will be presenting with Leyton Brownlie in an interactive workshop.

Transforming Manulife Asia

Presentation Synopsis:

Establishing and operationalising an enterprise level portfolio management office (PMO) is not always an easy feat, especially across 12 markets and within only 18 months.
We were not successful because we were lucky, but regardless of where we came from (our regional office, our business units, our partners) we stayed relentlessly focused on a common vision, and we communicated with each other. A lot.

We stayed obsessed with our customers – our users and management teams really needed this to make us more effective and enable us to manage to better outcomes. We focused on what they wanted and used our most executive leaders as champions.

This is the story of a team that achieved a great outcome working closely in short space of time over large distances and in many languages, and while there were challenges along the way we came together to smash them.

About Speaker:

Bianca is a project professional with a strategy background and has a long track record in effecting change through determined execution. She has extensive experience in portfolio governance, transformational change management, development of business capability development, strategic analysis and execution.

Bianca has remarkable ability in breaking down complex problems, resolving difficult issues and communicating effectively with people. Bianca knows that successful execution is more than just a schedule and a process – it’s really about developing and managing relationships with the executive leadership, business stakeholders, customers, internal constructors, third party suppliers, your team and peers. Her substantial experience in these domains is demonstrated throughout all parts of the execution life cycle and directly contributes to her success.

Bianca joined Manulife in late 2015 and is now Head of Transformation, Asia responsible for driving transformation across the region by ensuring scalable growth, through digitisation and providing a more personalised customer experience.