Henrik Sonnenberg

Henrik Sonnenberg Partner - Implement Consulting Group

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Henrik Sonnenberg - Partner at Implement Consulting Group

About Speaker:

Henrik Sonnenberg is a partner at Implement Consulting Group and part of the Strategic Innovation & Execution practice. His focus areas include strategic innovation and entrepreneurial and agile execution. In addition, he has worked extensively with Lean start-up, agile project/programme management as well as product/service development. Henrik is co-author of the book Lean Innovation, a discovery-driven innovation tool book/app, and author of several innovation articles.

Presentation: Half Double – An Entrepreneurial Approach to Agile Projects

The Half Double approach can help teams take ownership of their impact vision and deliver results much faster than normally. With just three core elements, Impact, Flow & Leadership, the method help teams and the key leadership stakeholders to focus on the essentials. The presentation will contain case examples and tools from each element. As a conclusion we will discuss/ reflect on how you can unleash entrepreneurial power in your projects.

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