Róbert Vokál

Róbert Vokál Project Manager - Tatra Banka

Speaker Bio

Róbert Vokál - Tatra Banka

Tatra Bank – EUROPE: PMO Global Award Regional Winner 2018

Róbert will be supporting Ľuboš Práznovský in his interactive workshop.

Róbert has worked at Tatra Banka since 2009. He joined after receiving a Master Degree in Strategic Management at Commenius University. He started as an IT Project Manager, later being promoted to the Head of Process Management Department and then he went back to being a Project Manager in the PMO.

In 2013, Róbert won a suborbital trip to space in a worldwide competition, but the vendor did not deliver the Rocket. Róbert’s motto is ‘I believe everything you can imagine, you can achieve.’.

He loves adrenaline sports, marketing, music, technology and space.