Susanne Evans

Susanne Evans Owner/Director, Feldspar Consulting

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Susanne Evans, Feldspar Consulting | FuturePMO

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Susanne Evans is a pragmatic and practical consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator and has significant experience in organisation change, project management and leadership. She has worked in this field for over 20 years, previously with Big 4 consultancy firms (Andersen and Deloitte) before setting up Feldspar Consulting in 2007. Susanne works across a variety of sectors including professional services, property, IT, veterinary practices, education, local and central government, financial services and insurance. Her organisation change work focuses on using storytelling and appreciative inquiry techniques to increase involvement and engagement with change and to create a more human approach to change.

Susanne has a degree from Aston University, a postgraduate certificate in facilitation from the University of Surrey and is in the final stages of completing a PhD in Organisational Change at the University of Birmingham. Outside of work, Susanne enjoys open water swimming, history and archaeology and often likens working in organisations to undertaking an archaeological excavation, where you have to dig through the layers to really understand what is going on.

Presentation: Why is Change like Kryptonite to Traditional Business Leaders?

Susanna will be presenting with Rob Robson

Change is a complex, messy affair. It’s not, as some people suggest, that people are hard-wired to resist change. The problem is the way that organisations and their leaders go about implementing change. Typically, initiatives aim for collective change whereas, in reality, people change as individuals. Individuals with different histories, perspectives, priorities and each with a unique contribution to make. When they don’t conform to the plan, they are viewed as a problem. We’ll explore some of the prevailing ideas that have driven business leadership and why they are incompatible with the reality of increasingly fast-paced and unpredictable change. We will go on to suggest ways that this could be improved by taking a more human approach that allows people to explore and engage with the change more openly through storytelling, and make sense of the motivations that enable or act as resistors to change.

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