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In January 2020, the FuturePMO team introduced you to our PMO Superhero quiz, giving you a way to identify your PMO superpower and who your Superhero spirit is.  

Every superpower brings something important to a PMO. Now that you know what yours is likely to be, we can provide some insight into how to harness that power for PMO good. 

If you haven’t already completed our quiz, you can do so at the bottom – don’t worry, we wont ask for any of your details! 

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Batman’s PMO Superpower

You get the job done by being able to survive in different worlds, this adaptability coupled your specialist skills helps to bring efficiencies to the PMO 

The Batman Superhero is very successful at being able to live in different worlds throughout their lives and sometimes at the same time.  

The efficiency of a PMO is a key factor in its maturity development because efficient PMOs can support their businesses better whilst still looking to continuous improvement for the team. The balance of looking after the status quo whilst becoming a better PMO is very important to the Batman PMO Superhero. 

The Batman Superhero is very innovative and intelligent and uses unexpected resources to design and create specialist PMO events, ways of working, and engagement touchpoints to push the PMO to be the best PMO it can be.  

If you (are the, or) have a Batman Superhero within the team, there are some important characteristics that you need to be aware of: 

  • Batman superheroes are perfectionists and will not stop developing a new tool or skill until it is ‘right’, which is great for PMO outputs, but can cause delays in getting things finished, so make sure that you remind your Batman PMO Superhero that there is no such thing as perfect and good enough is sometimes good enough 
  • Your Batman superhero is naturally emotionally tuned into their surroundings and can survive in different environments, so you should lever this skill to ensure that the right meetings are facilitated or attended by the right team member to ensure a positive outcome 
  • Within the ambiguous world of PMO, the Batman superhero will strive to maintain the status quo despite the cost; when this happens your Batman superhero can lose sight of the bigger picture; make sure you support your Batman superhero to be clear on what the team is trying to achieve 
  • Batman development skills are legendary as they can look at a problem and devise an unexpected way of solving it; this can cause the team to feel inferior to the Batman superhero, so make sure you give yours time to socialise, let loose, and get to know their peers 

“There is a lot of focus on building new skills alongside the existing ones.”

PMI Pulse of the Profession, 2020

As our FuturePMO theme for 2020 is PMO Superheroes, we have devised a quiz for you to find out which Superhero (there are 16 possible results) you most relate to in the workplace. play the quiz below, share your result with us by using the hashtag FuturePMO, and then check back to see upcoming articles on how your Superhero spirit supports your PMO to be the best!

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