Working in the Paperboy PMO can feel very repetitive because although the team may not be long standing, its ways of working are well defined and very clear. There is little need for lots of leadership attention or service catalogue due to the focused level of focus on achieving a few goals or delivering a few services.

Because of this focus and repeatability, the team members are skilled in their role and require little outside support. This breeds the perception of the PMO as a reliable entity within the organisation, providing recognised value to the teams delivering and leading change.

Although positive, this also creates scenarios where Paperboy PMOs do not react well to challenges that come along. Such streamlined focus can reduce adaptability and learnability, leading to poor knowledge management across the organisation, and particularly in the change space.

This lack of learning and adaptability can create an environment where firefighting is the norm, handling the same challenges repeatedly.

Paperboy PMOs do not typically have a levelling up roadmap as the need for change is not recognised by most; instead taking the view ‘it’s not broken so no need to fix it’. This attitude, although providing a clear line of sight to the value services being delivered, can also stifle creativity, innovation, and progress.

For PMOs already working in this way, it is important to focus on the next step for the PMO:

  • Listen to the practitioners to understand where the PMO can add more value, maybe having to adapt and define further the service(s) that the PMO offer
  • Create and offer opportunities for the PMO team members to create more of a team culture, and break down some of the barriers to collaboration
  • Develop a levelling up roadmap for the team to focus on longer term milestones and have a view of how they will continue to evolve the PMO

Be more Paperboy:

  • Create your PMO team with highly skilled individuals, specialists in their areas to enable the best in class individual customer experience
  • Review the service catalogue to ensure that the services offered by the PMO are relevant, appropriate, and add value to the PMO Customers
  • Invest in a PMO 3D Transformation package to help define the nature of the PMO, and identify the potential innovation that the PMO ca bring to the project management practice