By Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

In the work economy of today, it is more important than ever to take control of our own development. People in the workplace need to feel like they are in a safe and nourishing environment, and that they are given the ability and opportunity to develop both their professional and personal skills to better them selves and reach the elusive perfect work life balance.

As a result, some of our own Wellingtone clients (and other companies for sure) now make time for their employees to participate in charity work, exercise and meditation classes, and skills advancement in areas that don’t relate to their professional role. People and organisations are taking more time to enrich their work lives with both professional and personal development through individual choice.

When it comes to professional development, how people access and consume development opportunities is also changing. Industry events and training are becoming more and more virtual, with immersive VR and augmented reality technology. However brilliant that is from a logistics perspective, there really is no substitute for being in the same room, meeting, and interacting with other actual humans though.

The Wellingtone APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course is designed (like our PMO Competence Framework) to enrich the lives of PMO people through exercises and discussion that focus on the practice of PMO, but also the theory and the impact on people.

When PMO people ask for funding for training, the request is often met with “why, its just project management right?”. Er, no. Here we can give you some ammunition for getting approval to attend the course and bring your PMO to the forefront of change in your organisation.
PMOs are Breeding

The number of PMOs is moving steadily upwards year on year. This is because organisations realised several years ago that project management was necessary for change to happen. Now organisations are waking up to the fact that they need to be able to control, adapt, and develop that project management. That’s where PMOs come in, and we don’t have enough yet in industry, that have reached their full potential.

PMO Value is Proven

Our research proves that there is a direct correlation between capability of PMOs and their contribution to business value. The less we equip our teams, the more chance there is of a PMO not reaching its full potential.

PMO is not the same as Project Management

Most PMO professionals are left to learn the practice of their roles alone, or through the application of established project management qualifications, with adaptations back in the workplace. Not everyone in PMO wants to move to the delivery space so delivery focused courses don’t help them to succeed. PMO people need to be able to speak project management, but they require unique competencies to deliver true value to the organisation.

It will put you ahead of the game

Most organisations want to be seen as innovative and keep up with the trends of industry. This course will expose you to theory (what you should be doing), practice (what happens in real life) and developments (what the future holds). This unique perspective ensures that you won’t return to your PMO with the ‘best practice’ way of working, but the ‘best fit practice’ that will work for you with an eye on the future.

There isn’t another like it

This is the only course where PMO people can get accredited by the Association for Project Management; the Chartered Body for our Profession.

It is accessible

A large proportion of industry courses are designed to provide delegates with a theoretical understanding of the topic at hand. This takes time so many courses ask for commitment for you to be out of the office for three, four, or even five days.

This course is short and sweet; two days is all you need to absorb a practical set of tools that you can apply immediately when you return to work. Because of the reduced time, we have ensured that the cost to attend is low, which avoids you having to raise a budget line when you decide this is the course for you. At £695, the conversation is a lot less complicated with your line manager when compared to other courses your organisation (probably) utilises for employees to increase their knowledge. Even our internal courses, which help teams to develop their identity and strategy are very cost effective in comparison to a lot out there.

There are real examples

Take a look at some of the feedback below from other delegates on how this course has helped people to implement or transform their PMO following attendance. You can read more over on our website.

“Emma and Marisa explained everything technical in an easy-to-digest language. The stories and examples make ‘must remember’ points a lot easier.” – River Island – PMO Lead

“The course incorporated three learning methods; reading, listening and doing. It aligned to my ways of thinking and also gave me confidence to take it back and implement it in the workplace. The Trainers and Coordinator were all incredible.” Capgemini – PMO Manager

“This is the first course that did not eqaute project management with PMO. Good emphasis on inward looking and self-evaluation.” – PwC – Senior Associate.

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