As our FuturePMO theme for 2022 is retro gaming and levelling up your PMO, we have devised a quiz for you to find out which arcade game (there are 16 possible results) your PMO most relate to.

Play the quiz below, share your result with us by using the hashtag #FuturePMO, and then check back to see upcoming articles on how your selected arcade game supports your PMO to be the best!

Arcade Games and Results

Take a look at all of the arcade games and how each of them differs

Your Game Characteristics What this means
  • Well Established
  • Team Focused
This PMO is organised and ready for any eventuality with collaborative processes and a network of supporters at the ready.

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Dig Dug
  • Adaptable
  • Delivery Focused
This PMO is highly adaptable and can respond to any situation by delivering something new.
Golden Eye
  • Strategic
  • Resource Driven
This PMO is strategic in nature and creates detailed plans to support the resolution of any problem or opportunity.

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  • Predictable
  • Journey Focused
This PMO is grounded in best practice and is focused on the repeatable nature of its work and processes.
Mario Kart
  • Variety of approaches
  • Time-driven
This PMO is open to various approaches for delivering projects time-sensitive in nature, often supported by various PMO structures.

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  • Reactive
  • Deliverable Driven
This PMO is very adept at adapting to whatever pressures appear from all levels of the organisation, and is focused on the delivery of successful outcomes.
Space Invaders
  • Wider View Focused
  • Proactive
This PMO is focused on the wider view of PMO with limited support from leadership, it is proactive in responding to crisis.
Street Fighter II
  • Multiple locations
  • Skilled team
This PMO typically operates across a variety of locations with a skilled team of specialists who focus on their area of interest.
  • Forward-looking
  • Risk Driven
This PMO is always looking forward to seeing what might opportunities might present themselves, and what risks should be avoided.
Lunar Lander
  • Learning organisation
  • Task focused
This PMO is known for its capacity to learn from its mistakes so it is task-focused, ensuring that delivery is of the best possible quality.
Mario Bros
  • Goal-oriented
  • Risk Driven
This PMO is always on the lookout for risk and is goal-oriented, ready to manoeuvre towards the end goal at any cost.
Paper Boy
  • Repetitive approach
  • Self-sustaining
This PMO is founded on the value of repeatable processes and ways of working, it is self-sustaining without the need for much external involvement.
Crash Bandicoot
  • Issue driven
  • Chaos calming
This PMO exists in a chaotic environment and is often seen as the calming light in the storm, successfully managing unforeseen issues.
  • Legacy Driven
  • Innovative
This PMO is often misunderstood although it is innovative, driven by strong leadership and focused on the legacy of its implementation.
Rogue Squadron
  • Leadership driven
  • Strategic
This PMO benefits from strong leadership which mean that they can operate at a strategic level to deliver beneficial change.
Donkey Kong
  • Journey focused
  • Risk Driven
This PMO is focused on its roadmap and is always looking out for risks that could hamper progress towards the key milestones and its critical path.

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