2020 was the year of conference cancellations where we all became slightly more introverted as we adapted to remote working/schooling/living.  

In contrast 2021 has begun positively with the Covid-19 vaccine taking front and centre and bringing with it not a return to normality, but a tentative step outside into a new world. We wanted to take some time to give you some more information about attending FuturePMO and more importantly, what will happen with your ticket if we need to cancel. 

The Human Factor

Covid-19 has been the great leveller in many ways. Psychologically (and in many cases physically) all of us has been changed by the numerous lockdowns, change in circumstanceslifestyle, and volatility that we have experienced. 

Many extroverts find themselves more introverted than before, and even surprising themselves with the note of fear underpinning the anticipation of hearing “let’s get back to normal” from leaders. 

Likewise, introverts might have adapted fabulously to the virtual world, engaging more than ever with colleagues and industry via newfound mediumsand find themselves also slightly fearful of that same command. 

Regardless of character, most have got used to the new life-work balance and quite like the flexibility that virtual working has brought with it, such as later or earlier startsfinishes, less travel time, and in some extreme cases feeling more like a human than a resource! 

You-Gov has recently found that only 44% of workers want their work life to return ‘largely’ to the way it was before and that 6 in 10 are nervous about returning to the office. 

What does this mean for conferences and events in 2021?

Like individuals and day to day work, organisations figured out how to achieve their goals remotely when it came to events. The project management industry saw the rise of the webinar to the point where many have felt ‘webinar fatigue’ and began looking for networks, podcasts, short videos, and other alternative mediums to digest industry insights and knowledge. 

Some conferences, life FuturePMO managed to convert to a digital format (of sorts), but many conferences simply found themselves having to cancel (or move) their conference to 2021 and beyond.  

The experience of delegates attending these virtual format conferences has been mixed highlighting  positive and negative points: 

Engage a wider audience willing to pay less who would not normally attend  Networking is not as effective online, as much as we may try to make it interactive 
The ability to bring different speakers to share their wisdom without the associated cost  Interaction with speakers is reduced (Q&As, post-presentation) 
Delegates can join from all over the world bringing new perspectives  Sponsor experience has not been positive as there is little actual interaction with delegates 

What about FuturePMO?

FuturePMO in 2020 was re-designed to be a week-long learning event with 20 different opportunities to learn or listen to industry practitioners. We made the choice to change the format from conference to learning because we felt that we were not able to truly replicate the ethos of FuturePMO; to learn, share, and grow with peers. We shared a short video explaining more about our decision.

Truth? We loved bringing this entire week to our loyal (and new) almost 1,000 followers, but in 2021 we are keen to get back to the basics of FuturePMO, bringing PMO and PPM Professionals together.

What will FuturePMO look like?

Now that UK lockdown restrictions are due to be relaxed, and FuturePMO 2021 is scheduled for October 14th, we are cautiously confident that we can make this year work. How?

  • Same price: We are not changing the prices from 2020 because of inflation, lost revenue from last year, or any other sneaky reason.
  • Fewer people: Although we anticipate that social distancing will no longer be mandatory, we are halving the size of the event to ensure those that do feel nervous, have the opportunity to socially distance and still get value from the day.
  • Still no sales: Unlike most conferences, we don’t run FuturePMO for profit. Instead, we are focused only on bringing you together with your peers, so the event will continue to be a no sales event with invited guests that you may choose to speak to such as Project Management Associations.
  • Fun and Work Remain: We are still committed to bringing a unique event that balances work with fun. Our first time out after a year locked indoors should be memorable after all!
  • No nonsense ticketing: We believe that life is complicated enough at the moment! Therefore, ticketing for FuturePMO does not include drama, small print, ‘store credit’, or convoluted refund policies. You can read everything you need to do, including FAQ here.

If Wellingtone must cancel, you can:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Get a full refund for the ticket price you paid, with just one single request

(no questions asked, no crazy forms to complete, or any convoluted hidden button to find on or website).

Carry your ticket over to our next FuturePMO event which runs annually

(if we cancel, we keep the prices the same as the previous year to avoid differences and random ‘uplifts’).

Transfer your ticket to one of our FuturePMO Academy Learning Week courses

(we do not mind if the course is more expensive or not, you pick your course, and your ticket gets you in).

Buying your conference ticket

We would love for you to join us and hope many of you are encouraged to still buy a FuturePMO ticket.

We know that all PMO and PPM professionals have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and understand that it’s scary to get back out there.

But by taking a step and investing in a FuturePMO ticket you get:

  • A date to work towards and look forward to
  • A genuine friendly environment with no pushy sales that you know will be about you, minus the pressure.
  • A set of speakers that will empower you as an individual and inspire you for your professional journey.
  • An opportunity to join a community and start building your confidence back up to know that you CAN get back out there; safely.
  • A value-driven fun day, to allow you to Turbocharge your PMO, your team, and yourself!