Your PMO is Most Like GoldenEyeThe Golden Eye PMO works at a strategic level and is focused on the delivery of the objectives of the organisation through successful delivery. This type of PMO is not necessarily established for a long period of time, but instead enjoys the benefit of Sponsorship at the highest levels of the organisation.

Teams that work within a Golden Eye PMO are data-focused, and driven by a need to succeed, and do not suffer as much from some of the typical constraints that other PMOs need to deal with such as resources (time, money, people).

Sometimes the Golden Eye PMO is comprised of just one highly effective person and their Leadership.

The team works exceptionally well together in times of crisis and ambiguity, works as one to create plans to support a priority problem or opportunity, and sees them through to completion.

Individuals that do well in this kind of PMO are strong-willed, action-driven, and detail-focused. The operational approach of the team is likely to be more formal than relaxed.

Working remotely has provided an opportunity to add more structure and redesign processes to bring more effectiveness to the team; a welcome addition overall, although the creativity may have been stifled as a result of virtual workshops.

For PMOs already working in this way, it is important to focus on how to better support the day-to-day delivery by:

  • Engaging more with delivery teams to understand the challenges at a more granular level
  • Define a roadmap of improvements to balance the strategy with governance and capability
  • Developing accessible guidance and creating an opportunity for peer-to-peer support
  • Onboarding and development processes for those involved and interested in change

Be more Golden Eye:

  • Engage the Senior Leadership more often
  • Develop business acumen to navigate the political landscape
  • Design high-level overarching reporting and insights to support decision making
  • Develop appropriate forums to drive a community culture