Your PMO is Most Like NBA JamThis PMO is organised and ready for any eventuality with collaborative processes and a network of supporters at the ready

Teamwork makes the dream work!

In NBA Jam PMO teams work well together and individual PMOs are often in the performing stage (Tuckman’s stages of group development) with a clear vision and defined roles and responsibilities.

The different PMO teams each have their area of specialism ensuring a coherent approach to overall project management in the organisation but are not afraid to come together in times of crisis to find solutions during ambiguous times.

Having worked together for some time, PMO team members support each other to enable growth as individuals and as a PMO.

Team members are likely to socialise outside as well as within the work environment.

Working remotely has potentially been a challenge for this type of PMO, as team members are very familiar with the team dynamics when co-located. Working in a more virtual setting may have caused communication to break down both within teams and individuals.

For PMOs already in this stage of development, it is important to continually review processes and procedures with a focus on:

  • Virtual working within the PMO structures
  • Virtual engagement with the PMO Customers
  • Accessibility of processes and guidance
  • Onboarding and development processes for those involved and interested in change

Be more NBA Jam:

  • Clearly establish roles within the PMOs
  • Understand the services that each PMO performs
  • Be consistent in approaches to engagement within and outside the PMO structures
  • Develop appropriate forums to drive a community culture