Space Invaders PMO The Space Invaders PMO is often relatively new and spends lots of time firefighting and reacting to requests and changes.

Some of these PMOs have a clear definition of roles whereas in others, there is still ambiguity which is being worked through. Either way, the direction and vision of the PMO and the maturity evolution are relatively stable, with everyone understanding what the journey looks like.

This management of expectations demonstrates that for Space Invader PMOs, portfolio view and Stakeholder Engagement is usually a key activity, although top level support continues to challenge the team on occasion.

This issue with ongoing support stems from the lack of a Service Catalogue, leaving the day to day role of the PMO up to interpretation.

Risk is a strength of the Space Invaders PMO, as with their wider view of the landscape can proactively decide how to deal with risks that appear on the horizon, albeit they tend to resolve issues alone.

Because the Space Invaders PMO and the people therein are very independent in the way they work, there is a risk that they are so focused on the incoming requests and issues that they lose focus of the journey – especially without a service catalogue in place.

This can put the team in a constant state of storming as attention gets pulled from one thing to the next.

So for this team, it is important that they regularly spend time reviewing the path towards the vision to ensure that it continues to be the most effective way.

For PMOs already working in this way, it is important to focus understanding the journey by:

  • Developing a service catalogue to make clear the services that the teams offers the business to add value
  • Continually review the environment and consider changes to the roadmap or services that are going to add value over time
  • Focus on building a community of practice to continue to understand and manage expectations
  • Identify the ways to increase engagement with Senior Teams

Be more Space Invaders:

  • Benchmark where the PMO is now and what the vision is to define a roadmap for the future
  • Create a single version of the truth, overlooking the whole portfolio picture
  • Ensure that team members are able to work dynamically and adapt when needed through targeted training
  • Focus on Stakeholder Engagement to bring other teams on the PMO journey in a positive way