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It’s no secret that Wellingtone is passionate about PMO, which is why like to support PMO Professionals with their dilemmas and help them find a resolution. We have two options available, you can send us your PMO dilemma or you can book in for a free 15-minute session.

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Your PMO Dilemmas Answered

How to Work in a Virtual Environment from a PMO Perspective

For some PMOs who are not used to working from home, it may be proving difficult to get visibility and understand where your projects are in trouble. It can also be tough getting to grips with governance and assurance remotely. Here are a couple of tips, one that you can work on now and one for the future.

Reporting on project status: “Should I use the traditional Red-Amber-Green or would Red-Green be a better option? Help me Dr. PMO!

Amy Lewis – PMO Lead at Foreign & Commonwealth Office

My new programme team (gov. stereotypical) does not see the value in the PMO and fails to understand why we require 4 PMO resources in a multi-million pound high-profile, time-critical programme. In particular, they are questioning capacity of certain team members. I’ve written a PMO charter and we had a programme Board where the PMO was on the agenda in terms of progress to date and key areas of focus (with the aim of getting key senior stakeholder buy-in).

What else would you suggest please? I was thinking in terms of awareness & visibility within our office/to other programme team members, I could have a PMO priorities whiteboard, greater visibility with Programme Director (proactive support and weekly catch-ups) but any other suggestions in terms of PMO value and justification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sophia Moustakim- Head of PMO at The Manufacturing Technology Centre: MTC

I’d really like to begin networking with local PMO’s to build rapport with them and knowlede share. How we do these things within our organisations. Is there a way we could all be added to a shared group to be able to begin communicating?

Patrick Scott– Head of PMO at Young Minds.

Evolving the tools we use, in a way that maintains good practice and without it becoming a dog’s breakfast – there’s lots of stakeholders and some are challenging and hold contrasting views, both with PMO and other people across the organisation.